Guide to Riding Through Sequoia National Park

Is it a coincidence that many stories start by entering a dark and enchanted forest? That there is magic deep deep in the woods? Don’t believe me? Go see majestic giants of the Sequoia National Park, and you’ll become a believer. Just the name Sequoiadendron giganteum sounds like some Tolkien invention. As we rode through the trees, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I… Read More Guide to Riding Through Sequoia National Park

Nashville, TN

“It’s a crazy town full of neon dreams, Everybody plays everybody sings, Hollywood with a touch of twang” — Crazy Town, Jason Aldean. Last year we planned an epic cross-country road trip to Tennessee for our summer vacation. 2 weeks, the bike and the open road. It was awesome. For some people, this doesn’t sound like a vacation… Read More Nashville, TN

The Victory

I can’t possibly write this blog without describing the gorgeous beast that takes us to and fro. I’m going to try very hard without Miguel’s input. It’s his bike, really, even though I constantly use the words ours & us & we.  I can’t ride a motorcycle to save my life and I’ll save the existential… Read More The Victory

Covina, Ca

Starts Here, starts here in Covina, California. The lovely cove of once upon a time orange and grapefruit groves nestled in the San Gabriel Valley. “One Mile Square and All There” aptly defines not only our city but our life at home.  For a brief second before we bought our house, we had the fleeting thought of… Read More Covina, Ca