Trip: Lake Havasu Labor Day Weekend

A friend invite us to experience Lake Havasu during Labor weekend and the wife and I gladly accepted the invite. See the wife and I have never been to Lake Havasu. We have heard stories of the fun and the gratuity of alcohol consumption that partakes at the Lake. Since we love to ride we took the Victory Motorcycle from Los Angeles to Lake Havasu.

Knowing that the desert is hot!!! We agreed the earlier we leave LA the better we be off.

Hour 1:

Left Los Angeles before the sun came up. We planed to leave at 5:30 but ended leaving more like 6 am.

Flying J Coffee Stop
Quick stop to Flying J Pilot Iced Coffee

Hour 2:

First stop was at Barstow to gas up at the midway point and to water up. See once you leave Barstow on the I-40, the next gas station is miles and miles away! Yup, no gas stations means no water either.  That is why we always carry a water thermos full of water and ice to keep us hydrated when we get to hot.

After Barstow, I noticed a tiny small wooden sign (no bigger than a letter size paper) that looked like a barn. Being that we were heading to a destination to drink, I figured a quick Bloody Mary would help make the ride more bearable.

Hour 3-4:

Riding in the heat to Lake Havasu

Hour 5:

Arrived at a grocery market to pick up some hard liquor and get the party started. The wife loves her Honey Jack Daniels! So we got the Costco size to last us 2 days.

The Weekend:

I got to jump of a rock that was high! So high most people didn’t jump and walked back down. I got to admit I was terrified.


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