Trip: Motorcycle Road Trip To Portland Oregon from Los Angeles

Well the day has arrived. The wife and I are heading to Portland, Oregon. Its still summer time but we have been hearing and seeing pictures on IG that people can see snow at Crater Lake National Park. Yes, Crater Lake is on our places to see.

Our plan is simple. We have 8 days to see all we can see from Los Angeles to Portland to back home in Los Angeles. So to get the maximum out of our 8 days and to see Portland experience Portland on a weekend, we decided to leave on Friday morning.

Day 1: Los Angles to Far North

Its Friday and we leave from Los Angeles and our destination is…….. as far North as we can handle riding the I-5. This weekends forecast is HOT! So we leave early to beat the heat. (I think we are experts by know cuz this will be our 6th ride riding in 100 degree weather) Day 1 is not much adventure. It is a day of gasing, streching, riding, gasing some more, stretching some more, and repeating till we need to sleep.

Recap of Day 1:

Left Los Angeles, CA
Traveled on the I-5 all day
Arrived at Redding, CA.
{580 miles}

Day 2: Redding to Portland
with Crater Lake as a Must See

We leave Redding, CA to head to Crater Lake. The ride leaving to Mount Shasta on the I-5 was so nice we stopped and got breakfast. Mount Shasta is going on our list to come back and ride for a day or two.

After breakfast we hit again. Time to make up some time and get to the Oregon State Line. We almost missed the Oregon sign and had to stop and roll the bike back to get a picture. It was super cool. Caveat, I did notice that some trucks got super close while taking a picture, I don’t think a shoulder is provided on the I-5 and I must of been in the trucker lane. (Scary and I don’t recommend taking pictures at the sign)

We get to Crater Lake Welcome center and then head to see Crater Lake. Riding around Crater Lake was a little harry since they had been working on the road we traveld on rough dirt road all around the crater. The wife was not pleased and kept wanting to turn around but I kept going. 🙂

Crater Lake is amazing! The water is so blue and the sky is just as blue. A must see at least once in your life.

Leaving Crater Lake we head to Portland in hope to arrive just in time to get situated at the AirBnB, unpack and head out to see Portland on a Saturday night. We did arrive in Portland at a decent time. However, we now have a new term…….Oregon Miles. See once we left Crater Lake it seemed that every 20 miles took an hour and it all looked the same. It was field after field of grass and more grass. It was beautiful to see so much green. Yet, it just made riding that unbearable when you look at your speedometer and realize that the last hour of riding only cover 40 miles.

Once we parked the bike in Portland we took an Uber and hit up some places to catch a drink. First stop was a brew house. Second stop was a restaurant that had a bar inside. We met a nice couple and had a great conversation about beard health and upkeep on beard hair.

Recap of Day 2:

Left Redding, CA
Breakfast at Mt. Shasta
Midday sight seeing Crater Lake
Evening arrival at Portland, OR
Bar hopping in Portland, OR
{460 miles}

To be continued…………..




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