Packing: Guide to Packing for a Short Road Trip 

Every long trip I take, makes me reevaluate, the process on how to minimize my packing to the bare essentials. On a 4 day trip, it is no different. 
I outlined what I plan to take on a 4 day motorcycle road trip that starts with  the perfect cool California Wednesday morning. Traverse the Sonoran Arizona Desert midday on Thursday. Reach the Sun City El Paso on Friday for a quick bite. Ride and wander the Breaking Bad New Mexico on Friday. Then finalizing my ride wardrobe with the possibilty of unpredictable weather during any of those days.

Here’s to praying we catch no rain!

My packing list

My riding clothes are 

  • Jeans
  • T-shirt
  • Leather vest
  • Boots and socks
  • Washable underwear
  • Bandana and facemask 
  1. Inside the travel bag
  • Night time clothes 
  • Jeans
  • T-shirt 
  • Pendleton 
  • Sneakers and socks
  • Washable underwear 
  1. Sleepwear
  • Sweat shorts
  • Shirt 
  1. Toiletry bag
  • Toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Comb and paste
  • Bandage and pills

      Any suggestions how to eliminate some items?


      3 thoughts on “Packing: Guide to Packing for a Short Road Trip 

      1. First, what kind of bike are you on, and what storage capacity does it have? Second, what’s the difference between riding clothes and Jeans? I’ve ridden on trips up to 6,000 miles and wore jeans the whole way with a few different shirts. Third, leather vest takes up alot of space with no benefit; I never take a vest. Fourth, number 2 in your list is jeans and number 10 in your list is jeans. So jeans are double listed. Fifth, don’t take sleepwear. Sleep without clothes or in the clothes you wore in the day. Sixth, you listed socks thrice; once on line 5, once on line 13, and again on line 18. Seventh, I don’t see a line for rain gear. You should always have rain gear with you when traveling cross-country. Eighth, I don’t see a line for a jacket. You should always take a jacket with you. Air masses change when traveling cross-country.

        Have a fabulous journey.

        Douglas George

        Script / Copy Writer

        Technical Author 313.404.0434

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        1. Ride a cruiser with no bags. Just a bag I can attach to a sissy bar.
          Well riding clothes is what I ride in. So they can get full of bugs and stink. Other jeans, mostly for bars at night where people might see bugs and get grossed out.
          The jacket is my vest, jackets get hot so I use a vest and long sleeves.
          And I guess I do have a lot to trim from my list.
          Thanks for your tips Doug.


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