Motorcycle Gloves: Finding the Perfect Winter Glove

All bikers are hardcore, we ride in all weather!!! Let………get….. a….. BRAAP BRAAAAPP! As a biker I forgo all safety. OKAY. THAT IS A LIE. Wear your safety gear at all time kids. Trust me your body will thank you later. Safety is no joke and winter is no joke either. I have been lucky to have ridden in 100+ degree Mojave Desert weather and sub 30 degree in Big Bear Mountain weather. While both are bad, the latter is what is currently hindering my  Brap hand.

What I ride: Victory Vegas 8 Ball with no front fender. 
The reason I include what I ride on the post is to let you know that I have no protection from the wind. I feel it all. Rain makes the gloves wet and colder. Cold air flowing up your sleeves. Cold air circulating around your chest.

Now I know we have all been caught unprepared to ride in winter weather. It is not because we forget its cold. I mean we know its cold, but we tend to believe the elements will not affect us during the ride. We are always wrong and end up riding home cursing ourselves and promising not to let it happen again. But we do let it happen again. So today, is the day, that I said nope….. Not today……. and ended up picking myself up some winter gloves. Ant this is what I looked for to get my perfect winter motorcycle cruiser gloves.

The Perfect Motorcycle Winter Glove Must Haves:

  1. Made of Leather
    1. Leather is a great wind deflector and helps keep the fingers from freezing. The thicker the hide the better the protection.
  2. Insulation
    1. Thin fleece inside the glove helps keep your fingers warmth circulating inside the glove.


That’s it! All you need to have a warm glove. If you need more warmth get a grip heater. Purchase yourself some motorcycle mitts that go over the handle bar. Still need more warmth? Ride for one hour. Stop and get a coffee or something warm. Warm hand. Get on bike and ride for another hour. Repeat till you arrive at destination.

Ride safe, stay warm and follow me on Instagram.

-Captain M