Local Highway: Angeles Crest Highway Brings Snow

California recently had its worse storm since 2010!!!!!! (Well that’s what meteorologist are saying) With  7 years of drought we needed the storm.  This crazy storm brought inches upon inches of rain, hail and brought snow to lower altitudes. Translation, snow is super close to ride too.😀😆

I took this opportunity and rode up Angeles Crest Highway with my father-in-law. Our goal was to reach Newcomb’s Ranch and get some pictures with snow.

We got to the snow.

I made it to the SNOW!!!!!
The Father-in-Law and I made it to the top of Angeles Crest. 



Chains Required Beyond This Point….. unless you are a motorcycle then just keep riding. 


With the freezing air, I couldn’t go further. Sadly we did not reach Newcomb’s.  😨😳

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