Event: International Motorcycle Show 2016

What an amazing show!!!! The International Motorcycle show is the show to go, if you are looking to experience all the new upcoming motorcycles. Mandy and I got lucky this year, we got in for FREE! Okay, not entirely true. We had to work or volunteer for the whole day to get in for free. Our local Victory motorcycle dealer in Brea, CA, SoCal Motorcycles, asked us if we wanted to volunteer at there booth. Yup, we gladly said yes.

What the IMS offers:

The 2016 IMS was hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center and takes place around the end of the year. About November or December. At IMS you have access to view a variety of motorcycles and TEST RIDE THEM TOO! I saw about every manufacturer carry at least 10 bikes to demo. OVER 70 BIKES TO TEST RIDE!!!!!!!!

Available Demo Trucks:

  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Harley Davidson
  • Victory
  • Indian
  • Slingshot
  • And More

Manufacturer let you sit on any bike you want to experience the feel of the motorcycle. Motorcycle aftermarket overload. So much accessories for your bike and gear too. Manufacturers know we come in quantities so everything is priced to sell in lots. Its like getting Cotsco prizing without the Costco portions.

Our Volunteer Experience:

We had a blast talking to people about Victory Motorcycles and we know specs on the Slingshot as well. We met some cool people and I got to take a Picture with Grizzly, the legendary man that rode around the world in 72 days on his Victory Motorcycle.


Check out a few pictures we took at IMS.

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