Tires: Metzler Marathon Review

Only got 9,000 miles out of the tires. The rear tire wore out in the middle faster than the sides. The front tire feather out on the left side. I have no idea why it would do that. the grip felt just as good as the previous ones.


They claim great mileage. If you call under 10,000 miles great cruise mileage, then you ain’t cruising.

I expect my touring/cruising motorcycle tires to last at the minimum 13,000 miles.


They claim to have great grip. Yes I agree. They are adequate for street riding. Never got a chance to ride them in the canyons so I can not tell you how to when you test them a little more. Truthfully I have not tested a cruiser motorcycle tire to the brink where I knew they wouldn’t catch. I would ride a sports bike (GSXR 750)  if I wanted to test the lean angle and grip of the rubber. 


Well back to the original Dunlop Dunlop elite 3 tires.

2 thoughts on “Tires: Metzler Marathon Review

  1. There is still tread on that tire! I run mine down to the wires if staying around town, not recommended, but I think you might have another 1000 flat miles on that tire. 3000 hard corners. ☺

    So correct on the new tire feeling! It’s like a new bike!


    1. Hahaha. Wish I could run it that low. But with 2up riding, I think my wife will disagree.

      As far as the sides. Maybe I should put on my track suit and start carving some twisties.

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