Trip: Day 1 to Hearst Castle

Our weekend trip to Hearst Castle has begun and with great friends it will be a memorable one for sure.

6 AM – 11 AM

We left our house at 6 am to meet the riding group at 7 in east LA. Sadly, we were the last ones to arrive. I hate showing up last! We met up with 3 couples (2 riding and 1 hauling the bike). Not sure how the other couples did it, but they left San Diego at 3 AM to meet up in East LA. They are crazy!!!!

After we all jumped on the freeway the next meet up point was at El Pescador to eat breakfast. What a wonderful place. We met the nicest manager (maybe owner) that showed us his custom tequila (by show I mean…..”tasting”). After a few tastings ย and a delicious breakfast we waited for the last couple to show up.

11 am – 7 PM

With the whole group assembled it was time to continue on our great adventure. We headed to our next pit stop at the Union Hotel. Sadly this place was not open yet (it was 1 PM). So we just walked to the nearest place that served liquor-lunch. Turns out that place had some good tasting beer and a great outdoor sitting area. I highly recommend this place.

Got in a few wine tastings before we heading to the hotel in San Simeon. Robert Hall had a beautiful tasting room. Cass Garden had the best wine. So good we bought a bottle from Cass. Opolo Wine had a great outdoor patio with a pizza oven!!!! The Opolo winery field was gorgeous. In fact you can have a wedding at Opolo and they have a seperate barn for the men and a house for the women to stay at. Toby wine was packed but very lively with a good crowd of people. ย then we were off to the hotel and time to sleep.

7 Pm – 9 PM

On highway CA-46 at a little after 7, ย my music cut off. Yes you guessed it, I saw a shadow of something flying out of my inside vest pocket. The dreaded phone dead. My Galaxy S6 now rest along the CA-46 highway. I did stop and try to look for it. But it was 7, on a highway with no lights, I cut my losses after 10 minutes of searching.

After that at dinner I told Mandy she was in charge of all photos.

When we got back to the hotel I remembered I could find my phone using GPS to trace it. I was able to log on with the iPhone, yet Google searched and searched and kept repeating your phone can not be traced. Shit! Time to call insurance, pay the deductible, and get a new phone!!!!!


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