Event: Lost Highway Festival 2016

I know this post is late but here it goes. We ended up going to the July 2016 Lost Highway Festival. We bought the camping spot for $150 for a dry campsite. It included any spot you want on the campgrounds, 15 porto potties, 4 mens showers, 4 women showers, and lots of friendly people.

We arrived on Saturday around 11 a.m. and it was HOT HOT HOT!!!! We took enough beers and a cooler full of ice to last us till the beginning of the shows at 2 p.m. SO we drank to cool us down…. well it was really to forget the heat of 110 degrees.

Once we polished off most of the beers we started our way to the festival and took the shuttle provided by Law Tigers Lawyers and got to the entrance. Everyone on the shuttle, either a fellow biker or country music lover, was a few drinks deep which made that 5 minute shuttle ride that much more fun.

The Festival

The motorcycle show had some awesome bikes. They had some flat track races which I thought was cool. I wish they would of had seats and maybe a sign that stated what time the races where going on. After a few races I had to walk away because I needed to see the rest of the booths and music performances.

Check out the pictures from the Lost Highway Festival.
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