Local City: Bar Stop in Atwater Village, CA

We took Friday off because….. well we wanted the day to ourselves. We have so much time in the bank we am starting to think maybe we should have more 3 days weekends when we want. 😀

Where to go?
I woke up late. Of course I did…. we all do on our days off.

Mandy woke up before me (she does not have the super power to sleep in). We rolled out of bed somewhat late, if you call 9 late. Then I brewed us up some morning Joe. During that time we discussed our excursion, which we agreed to be brisk. Brisk meaning local and less than 60 miles away from home. So Glendale, CA sounded like the perfect spot.

The Ride
With it being a Friday we knew traffic was going to blow going towards Glendale. Instead of taking the I-210 (that freeway is always a parking lot, the carpool lane is the worst!,  we jumped on the I-10 towards Los Angeles. On the I-10, I always jump on the FasTrak…. WHY…… because its FREE FOR MOTORCYCLES! A caveat on FasTrak, as long as you don’t have a custom license plate the FasTrak can detect the difference between car plates and motorcycle plates.

I somehow got on the I-5 and got lost, that’s what I told Mandy that day….LOL.

We got off on Glendale Blvd. Then we looked for a bar. And we found a bar. Imagine that. Lunch time already! Yup, an early lunch but hey bikers need there drinks.

The Bar:  Village Tavern
Village Tavern is located in the 13th district of Los Angeles, AKA  Atwater Village. The neighborhood is located between Silver Lake, Griffith Park, Glassell Park, and Glendale.

We found street parking right in front of Village Tavern. I was lucky. Well, on a bike we are always lucky…….we make our own parking. Lol. But seriuosly, I was lucky and got an open parking spot right in front of the bar.

Somehow we stumbled upon Happy Hour. Hurray for HAPPY HOUR! We ordered some Happy Hour Tacos. BEST TACOS IN TOWN!!!! The beer was on point. Our bartender was super nice and she was cool to chat with. The patrons all seemed to be in their own world, meaning no one really looked like they wanted to socialize.

Enjoy some pictures we took of the bar and beer.




Catch some more images on our Instagram page.


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