Top 5 Fashion Motorcycle Gloves

My gloves are 10 years old and are falling apart. They did there job and they did it well. These Icon gloves have protected me from 5 falls and I think they want to retire now.

With the Icon gloves looking into retirement. I am looking into purchasing one of these top 5 best looking and fashionable motorcycle gloves. After all we motorcyclist have to look good while we ride. I can’t be seen riding around with mismatch clothes that don’t go with my bike. Can you picture a cruiser rider using dirt bike gear or vice-versa. BLASPHEME!!!!!

Here are my top 5 fashionable cruiser motorcycle gloves.

Five5 Advanced Motorcycle Gloves
Texas Brown/White – Texas White/Blue

These gloves made by Five5 Advanced Motorcycle Gloves screams “I F****N LOOK GOOD!”

Icon Motorsports
Pursuit Glove


The Icon Pursuit motorcycle glove can be purchased for either the man version or the women version. Either way, this is a sexy all-blacked-out perforated motorcycle glove.

Tour Master
Deerskin Glove


The Tour Master Deerskin glove is a simple brown glove that just looks good.

Summer Road Glove


The Spidi Summer Road Glove comes in both black and brown. I don’t know about you. But i really dig the brown with some black trimming on it. What a marvelous motorcycle glove to ride in.

Speed & Strength
Rust Redemptionrust_redemption_gloves

The Speed & Strength Rust Redemption is minimalist glove. The glove looks like a robot hand but yet protect you in all the right ways.

Not sure what glove to buy. Do you have any gloves that you think are as fashionable as these 5 motorcycle gloves?



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Fashion Motorcycle Gloves

  1. I like the shorter gloves. Not a big fan of gauntlet gloves. But thanks for the recommendation B.

    I like the variety of colors the that scorpion offers. Totally cool glove.

    Ultimately I think I am going to get the Icon Pursuit Glove. I like that they are perforated. Perfect for summer riding.


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