Ducati Demo Truck

The Ducati Demo Truck came to town on Sunday at Southern California Motorsports in Brea, CA. I have never ridden a Ducati. Always dreamed to own a Ducati. This was my chance to own a Ducati……well my  chance to test ride the famous Italian made motorcycle. I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by.

The event was scheduled from 11 am – 5 pm. So I woke up at 9 am. Took my time by making some home brewed coffee lattes. Push our time line back a little, arrived at 11:20 am and boy was that a mistake. It was booked! The first riding opening was at  3:30 pm!!! Rest assure, for our next demo ride, we will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the event. After the gruesome 3 hour wait, I got to test ride Ducati’s version of a cruiser motorcycle -a 2016 XDiavel.

This is the 2016 XDiavel. It is a beast of a motorcycle with 156 HP.

The Demo Ride Experience
At first glance the XDiavel looks like a Demonic 2 wheel machine…. not what i pictured a Ducati to look like!  As I gather my gear and walked up to test drive the beast, I couldn’t help but stop to admire the seductive curves and wheels on the XDiavel.

The engine is on. Mandy is on the passenger seat. Everyone gives the thumbs-up. Time to get on the road and start the test ride.

On the road and on a Ducati Demo ride you have to test the engine power and braking power, which I did. The bike is fast, it has a heart of a sports bike, which you can totally feel. Every time i hit the throttle it responded with a jerk of acceleration.  How strong of a jerk? Strong enough that you feel the tires locking on to the road and the bike whispering……….more, more, more throttle please! Strong enough that I was able to feel Mandy holding on – with all her body. Her arms clenching, her chest pressed on my back, her thighs compressing my lower half, every inch of her body straddling my body just to make sure she wouldn’t fly off. That is when I knew. I want! No! I need a this bike!

Some of the Ducati XDiavel Highlights:
Engine Size: 77 ci (1260 cc)
Engine HP and Torque: 156 HP; 96 lb.ft.
Gears:  6 gears belt driven
Maintenance: Every 9,000 miles
Riding Modes: Touring, Urban, and Sport

Come back soon to read about our motorcycle adventures.



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