Bonneville Salt Flats, UT


Riding west into the sunset on  I-80, you can see the Salt Flats for miles and miles running parallel with you down the road. The sun is setting, the weather is perfect and all you can see is pristine white stretches of salt with a mountain backdrop. Life is beautiful.

By this time, it’s been a really long day, we’re ready to stop but we keep pushing on because the salt flats are only another 50 miles away. We  pass The Great Salt Lake and think is this it? No, because it doesn’t look like the incredible pictures we’ve seen. So we push on and keep riding. And then something happens– the side of the road is white and beautiful beyond the belief. Is that white? Is that it? It is! I grabbed Miguel behind for a big bear hug around the waist, which on the motorcycle means –“This is awesome. I love you. I love life. We made it.” And he responds by reaching back to my thigh, which means– “I agree!”

The next 20 miles passed in a joyous daze. I just wanted to stare and stare at the landscape beside me. I know Miguel felt the same, because I could see him looking off toward the Salt Flats and then back to the road. Again and Again, like are we really here? I had  a giant smile on my face. This is the reason we travel.

I also kept thinking…should we ride on it? Maybe I should tell Miguel to pull over and just do it. In some areas you can see tire tracks doing quick inroads into the salt but the side of the road didn’t seem so easy for the Victory to maneuver. We had also heard from some people, that the road looks dry, but its muddy underneath.

At this time of year, the Salt Flats are still under water and won’t dry until summer. The best place to stop and take pictures is the rest area at exit #4 going west on the I-80.  We arrived just in time to see the sun set behind the mountains, ensuring the best light for awesome photos.

People really think we’re crazy, but we’re just doing what we love.  We told our fam & friends–we’re going to ride 800 miles to Utah take some pictures. And they said why?? Well why not? What else are we going to do this weekend beside sit on the couch watching movies with our cat.

Worth it.



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