Road Trip: Day 1 to The Bonny’s from Los Angeles, CA

With a limited time to go riding and a need to visit a local National Park. Mandy and I found a suitable location within a few miles away from home. The Bonneville Salt Flats was our destination! (known by most as The Bonny’s)

Total Estimated Trip Mileage ………. 1,400 Miles

Day 1 Trip Mileage……….. 250 Miles

Day 1

To beat a long hard day of riding, we started it off early and left Thursday after work. Making a short run to Vegas to spend the night. Since we live in LA county, Vegas is like our next door neighbor. Every Angeleno visits Vegas at least twice a year. Plus, who needs a reason to stay in Vegas.


  • Home
  • Baker – for gas
  • Alien Beef Jerkey
  • Old Town Vegas 

-Captain M