Motorcycle Tires: My First New Pair of Tires

I think I need new tires. The tire tread seems pretty low in the front. The Dunlop’s that the bike originally came with have lasted me 16,000 miles. I think that’s pretty good. Victory has not made it easy for me to find new tires though. Well, I didn’t really make it easy for myself, I wanted the big 21” front tire that the Vegas 8 Ball came stock with. I was not aware that very limited tire manufactures made tires that big. Boo to them. Now I need to look into what tire fits my bike the best.

Luckily I found this site that describes everything I need to know about motorcycle tires. Learn about motorcycle tires.

Okay I have the dimensions and upon reading the link above I come to learn that tires come in radial or bias-ply construction. Bias tires last longer and ride softer. Do I want a soft ride, not sure. I do want a longer lasting tire. Radial tires are stiffer but provide more traction. I want more traction. The original Dunlops are radial. Maybe I should change it up and try some bias tires or maybe even mix them up. But there is a caveat, only use a bias tire  in the front and radial tire in the back. Never the other way around!!! I hope I don’t forget that because that is some good info to know.

So all in all with tires being what keeps me on the ground I am leaning to some radial tires. I hope I can find some motorcycle tires that fit what I need.

Come back in a few weeks when I tell you what tires I actually bought for the Vic.




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