Local City: Coffee in Claremont, CA

The start of coffee shops and real coffee. Today is the day that I come clean. I love coffee and I am becoming a coffee snob. I don’t like it–but I truly respect coffee, so I have too. I have a french press, a stove-top espresso maker, a stainless steel cup to heat milk, and a small whisk to froth the milk. See when you start to love something you start to learn the basics and appreciate the history and evolution of the craft. Which bring us back to Claremont, the city of trees and my love of coffee.

What does a biker do to ride in the morning. Well if I rode a sports bike I would hit up the canyons and beat the morning traffic while tossing the bike around and dragging knee. But with the beast of the Victory cruiser, I can’t really do that…..or can I? With knee dragging out the picture my wife and I came up with the idea of morning coffee. Which then included a criteria of the cafe being located in a small downtown city–Claremont met the requirements.

The Coffee Shop
Our very first coffee shop (Starbucks is not a true coffee shop but I drink their coffee everyday) was The Last Drop Cafe. It was the start of my coffee addiction! The barista introduce me to a Macchiato, which is not the same as the Starbucks Macchiato. See the barista asked me a few times if I was sure, 4 to be exact, and that the drink was really small and that it is not going to be the same as Starbucks drink. I was open to the new experience and boy am I glad I was. The drink is really only a shot of espresso, 2 oz of coffee, with a hint or mini splash of milk. But it is full of flavor and you really do drink it very slowly. Think of is as drinking a whiskey–you sip it, you don’t chug it.

The Last Drop is a super small place but it is packed with super friendly barista and customers. I am coming back to this place for sure. I might just have to ask the barista to surprise me and give me their favorite drink.

Claremont Downtown
Once we finished our drink we strolled around the streets. The city is beautiful and truly is surrounded by gorgeous trees. I can see myself living here and walking to all the local places. We found out they have a Farmers Market, but sadly it was a Saturday and they have them on Sundays. Looks like we are coming back on a Sunday!

-Captain Miguel


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