Nashville, TN

“It’s a crazy town full of neon dreams, Everybody plays everybody sings, Hollywood with a touch of twang” — Crazy Town, Jason Aldean.

Last year we planned an epic cross-country road trip to Tennessee for our summer vacation. 2 weeks, the bike and the open road. It was awesome. For some people, this doesn’t sound like a vacation at all, but for us it was heaven. I won’t lie, there were times that I just wanted to give up and go home. Somewhere in Oklahoma we both looked at each and we knew that we were stopping there for the day. That was at 9 am, after only an hour of travelling. Looking back though, all those experiences really made the trip.

The plan was to get to Nashville for 4th of July and then continue on to the Smoky Mountains and a road called Tail of Dragon.  Rain, amongst other things, put a halt to that and our final destination turned out to be Nashville, TN– Music City.

I loved Nashville. Absolutely, totally fell in deep love with the whole place. I say this about almost every place I go, but if I could move there, I would do it in a quick minute.  As soon as we rode into dowtown I saw people walking around in cowboy boots with guitars strapped to their back. I almost jumped off the bike then and there to run into a honky tonk.

We booked an Airbnb in East Nashville.  The neighborhood was really cute, which I love, because cute neighborhoods usually remind me of home and my own cute neighborhood.  East Nashville, is being touted right now as the eclectic, hip neighborhood of Nashville and it didn’t disappoint. They have the obligatory hamburger spot, The Pharmacy, which had a line queuing up before they even opened the doors.  Sad fact–we did not get to eat there because it was Fourth of July and we thought they were closed. So we headed over to the cool taco spot across the street. Not ten minutes later, I saw people lining up for the burger joint!

It took about a week for us to actually get to Nashville. By that point, it was longest and farthest we had ever ridden. We were doing about 600 miles a day.  It was rough. It was really rough.  I lost my cellphone in New Mexico and rolling into Nashville, Miguel realized that his phone was wet and fried– we were basically up the creek without a paddle.

In our search for an AT&T store, we met people all over town and every one tried their best to direct us to the right place. One lady even had us follow her to the nearest Best Buy. After telling a guy  in there where we were from and what happend he told us his whole story about Hollywood and cruising down the Sunset Strip. The people are everything on a road trip! We did eventually get to a cellphone store, bought new phones and found our rental.

Being a California girl, I definitely missed the sun–it was rainy our entire stay.  We spent the morning at the Grand Ole Opry and then got caught in a thunderstorm on the way back to the house. I can only imagine the pitying looks we got, as we stood beneath the under pass waiting for the rain to stop. At night watching the fireworks in the rain was an experience I’ll never forget.



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