The Victory

I can’t possibly write this blog without describing the gorgeous beast that takes us to and fro. I’m going to try very hard without Miguel’s input. It’s his bike, really, even though I constantly use the words ours & us & we.  I can’t ride a motorcycle to save my life and I’ll save the existential crisis (Instagram envy, really) that I face upon not being able to ride for another day.

So the Victory. The Victory is a Vegas 8 Ball. Which pretty much means in the manufacturers language, that it is all black. And I was going to talk about engine and drive trains and cooling what-nots,but saying gear drive with torque compensator just sounds strange to me! So click here if you want to read all about it. And I guess I lied at the beginning of this post, because I did not describe anything by myself.

I think that for a lot of people, there’s one image associated with a biker. And that image is some big burly guy, with tats and a vest and grey goatee. So when Miguel said he was getting a cruiser, everyone said no way, you don’t look like a biker! But there’s so many different “bikers” out there. There’s definitely the outlaw biker look, but there’s also your normal every day people who just want to ride a motorcycle bikers. We met a retired couple in Arkansas who would definitely fit that category! They looked like a someone’s sweet grandma & grandpa. But they had decided that were going to enjoy their middle ages visiting family on their motorcycle.  I swear they had 2 small carry on suitcases strapped to the back of their bike. We were travelling with one small bag that carried 2 weeks of clothing. But to each their own. The beauty of travelling on a motorcycle is that at the end of the day, you are each heading out into another day of adventure.

And that’s really one of the joys that we love about travelling on the bike. It’s meeting all the people around the country that want to share their stories. It’s crazy how many people come up to you wanting to talk. They want to talk about the bike. Or they see our licence plate -California! and they’re wondering what we’re doing all the way in Tennessee. I bonded with a lady in a gas station restroom once over the crazy weather. We were both taking off our rain gear for cooler clothes as we headed into Arizona. Some guys want to know what roads we’ve taken because they can surely tell you about better ones.

So that’s the victory and us. Just rolling along the road enjoying this country of ours.







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