Grand Canyon, Az

Grand Canyon Part 2

The second thing we quickly learned on our first road trip was that if people weren’t about, then the animals probably were.  We had planned our whole itinerary around the fact that Arizona was extremely hot in the summer and that we better get in as much travelling time before noon.

So like thieves in the night, we packed the Victory back up and rode off into the dark of morning.  Its definitely peaceful riding when the sun is barely coming up. The world is silent. You can feel the anticipation of the coming day.  And not 30 minutes into this peaceful reflection but a tiny coyote went racing across our path.

We both had a “oh holy mother” moment but Miguel’s kept steady on.  The little guy’s tail barely made it past our front tire and safely to the other side. Who knows what would have happened if we had hit him? Squished animal for sure. And if he had been any bigger, then goodbye to us!

For the rest of the trip we kept that little coyote in mind when we set out in the mornings!

This was my very first visiting the Grand Canyon and it was breathtaking. It looked exactly like it does in all the photographs and I mean that as a compliment because in person, it looked unreal. All those awe inspiring words just are not enough to do it justice.

We were lucky enough to stay at the Bright Angel Lodge, located in the Grand Canyon Village on the south rim.  It was literally right on the rim. I would definitely recommend either this lodge or the pricier one next door if you ever stay at the Grand Canyon.  Your room is literally steps away from the pathway along the rim. It was such an amazing experience!




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