Lake Havasu, AZ

Grand Canyon Trip Part 1

In many ways, this blog started on our very first motorcycle ride to the Grand Canyon. I can’t even remember how the idea started but Miguel and I decided to merge our two favorite things into one. His favorite was to ride a motorcycle off into the sunset and mine was to travel where the wind took me.

Miguel bought his motorcycle at the end of June and in August we were off on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Adventure, the great wide somewhere, living out a bag for a week– this was my bohemian Pinterest board come to life. In reality, in the days before we set out I was quietly freaking out. The farthest I’d been on the bike was to Calabasas and now I was going to go to Arizona?? What were we thinking?

Now that we have so many more miles under the Victory this trip sounds like the easiest thing in the world. I can’t even tell you how we planned. The original idea was to go from home all around the Grand Canyon, stop in Vegas and then back. We quickly learned that was insane. Our route ended up being this:

Day One: Covina, CA- Lake Havasu, AZ  (approx. 276 mi.)

Day Two: Lake Havasu, AZ -Kingman, AZ -Grand Canyon Village (approx. 232 mi.)

Day Three: Grand Canyon Village-Kingman, AZ-Las Vegas (approx. 276 mi.)

Day Four & Five: Las Vegas

Day 6: Las Vegas- Covina (approx. 248 mi.)

Now, let me tell you…. 276 miles on a motorcycle quickly becomes a 6-8 hour ride. We left home at 6 am and made it to Lake Havasu at about 2pm. The heat in Arizona is also like no other. It’s insanely hot. We’re riding with no shade and only the sun beating down our back. We’re in jeans, boots, leather jackets, leather gloves and helmets on our head. In a car you can just turn on the air conditioner but on the bike, all you can do is keep hydrated.

Motorcycle trips are really weird too, because on a normal vacation the destination is the goal. But for motorcycles trips, I feel like the saying is true- it’s the journey not the destination. By the time we checked in, rested and ate a late lunch it was already late and we had to get up early.  There was not much time for sight-seeing. We hit up a cowboy bar, walked around the London Bridge and then fell asleep.

And then we woke up bright and early the next day to do it all over again.












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