Covina, Ca

Starts Here, starts here in Covina, California. The lovely cove of once upon a time orange and grapefruit groves nestled in the San Gabriel Valley. “One Mile Square and All There” aptly defines not only our city but our life at home.  For a brief second before we bought our house, we had the fleeting thought of living in downtown or Hollywood and living that urban walkable life everyone keeps talking about.

We could walk to work in the morning & walk to the hip bars at night. Go have coffee at the newest place to be seen on weekend mornings. Pretty much living free and easy before we were ready to mow lawns, but in the end that life just wasn’t us.

“Us”, it seems, was buying a tiny house in the pretty little city of Covina. Sometimes it feels like we’re a million miles away from what people think of Los Angeles. I’ve met people who don’t know that anything past Echo Park exists. When I ride the Metrolink into work, I feel like Don Draper coming into the city.  Just to visit us, you’ll have to brave the congestion of the 10 fwy or pay the extortion fee to bypass traffic on the FastTrack lanes.

On Saturday morning though, I can sit on my porch and see the mountains. In the winter, you can smell the wood smoke burning in our neighbor’s chimneys.  We can walk to Starbucks on weekends and see the regular’s, aka the grumpy old men’s club, holding their usual morning meeting.  Maybe we aren’t at the latest event at the Ace Hotel, but we can still have a craft beer at a gastro pub where the owner knows our faces.

I’m describing all this because this blog is going to be about places, and this is our starting place. A couple of months ago my husband got his first tattoo… it’s a geometric California bear and underneath it the words: starts here.  It took us only a couple hours come up with that phrase, but in the end it felt right. When I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, I threw out idea after idea but the answer was right there on his side– “Starts Here.”  We’re Californians down to our toes. We’re born here, we live here and every time we start a new adventure it starts here.

Welcome to our new site and I hope you enjoy reading about our trips as much we enjoy taking them. 

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